"Mr. Fulton E. Gador, the owner, took a 40 hour Certification Course for Water Refilling Station and Plant Operators last November 2007 from the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila which is a requirement of the Department of Health before any person could engage in a water refilling station business".

Our Water
The water comes from an approved source that passed and purified through 32 stages of Reverse Osmosis Purification System, making our water “as pure as can be.”  

  Water Quality Monitoring
Our product water is subjected to regular monitoring (water testing and analysis) by a DOH-accredited laboratory and bacteriological analysis by the local government health authority.
  Air Purifiers with Ionization
Strategically located inside the store to filter and remove airborne contaminants like dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke and other particles. The purifier is also equipped with UV-C light that helps kill bacteria.
  Sanitation Program
Cleaning and sanitizing schedule is strictly followed to eliminate contaminants inside the store.
Prior to filling and capping, we sanitize the internal portion of each water container with DOH-approved chemicals to disinfect and kill bacteria and germs.
  Filling, Capping, Sealing of Water Container
These procedures are done in a sanitary manner so as to preclude contamination of the purified drinking water. 
  Clean and Dry Storage Facility
Sufficient space is allocated for storage of full and empty containers that are placed on a rack storage system. Caps and seals are also stored in a sanitized cabinet and kept clean until ready for use.
  Water Storage Tanks 
Storage tanks are inspected monthly for cleanliness. They are kept free from scale and any evidence of oxidation and residue. They are also cleaned and sanitized monthly with Sanogen solution and flushed with finished water product.
The entire store is air conditioned to keep it free from excessive heat, steam, condensation, vapors, odors and fumes; and to guard against the entry of vermin, airborne contaminants and particulates. 
  Pest Control Program 
The entire store undergoes quarterly pest control and prevention maintenance to protect the store from all crawling insects and vermin that may create potential health hazard and contaminate the water. This is undertaken by a reliable pest control company and accredited by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. 
  Health Certificate 
All our employees are fit to work. They all hold health certificates issued by the local health authority and renewed regularly as required. Employees affected with boils, sores, infected and open wounds, colds or other ailments that may be an abnormal source of microbiological contamination are not permitted to work.
  Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene Program 
Cleanliness and personal hygiene is strictly observed by everyone working in direct contact with purified drinking water by wearing laboratory gowns and maintaining adequate personal cleanliness; like washing hands thoroughly before starting work and after visiting the toilet. These safe guards are followed to prevent against the spread of waterborne pathogens. 
The washroom is provided with a male urinal to keep it clean and well-maintained.  Signs are posted that directs all employees to wash their hands after using the urinal and toilet. The washroom is well lit, fitted with an exhaust fan and a self-closing door that does not open directly to the water purification area.
Adequate and suitable locker space is provided for the orderly storage of clothing and personal belongings of the employees. The lockers are situated and arranged so that the water is not contaminated by contact with street clothes.
  Delivery Team 
Our prompt, courteous and reliable delivery team ensures that your office or home is adequately supplied with purified drinking water all year round. 
  Customer's Lounge 
A cozy customer lounge is set up to create a welcoming ambiance to make the customer comfortable during their visit to Clean Water store. Hot coffee and tea is served.
  Delivery Vehicle
An airconditioned van is used to deliver your purified drinking water to keep it fresh, free from dust and polluted air; and to protect it from direct sunlight which would contaminate the water.
  Customer Service Hotline
Our customer service hotline number 0921-9890092 will keep you promptly in touch with Clean Water during office hours from Monday to Saturday to answer your water requirements.