We are a team of highly motivated people with the passion to provide safe purified drinking water and all of us play a critical role in helping build the Clean Water Store into a beneficial part of the environment where we live and work. We are determined to create a niche in providing safe purified drinking water with dedication to stringent quality standards and commitment to sustainable safe purified drinking water for the public.   


The Clean Water Team is a young and dynamic organization, with strong corporate values to guarantee that our customers’ needs are met.

We value integrity, honesty, public safety, personal excellence, mutual respect and customer service excellence. They reflect what is truly important to us. They are the vital cog of our corporate culture; and the heart and soul of Clean Water. 

  Mutual Respect  
  To our Customers:
Our objective is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers based on integrity and trust. 
We pride ourselves in holding the highest standards of ethical behavior in all of our activities that will earn our customers’ trust.
  To our Suppliers:
We build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers who are competitive and have earned our trust through their proven performance.
Honesty is the cornerstone in all our business dealings and relationships inside and outside Clean Water.
  To our Environment:
We are responsible for and respect the environment where we live and work. We will do our best to protect and maintain a clean environment when carrying out our activities and to insist on the same policy from our contractors and suppliers.
Public Safety
We are deeply committed to contribute to public safety and hold ourselves accountable to our valued customers to consistently provide safe purified drinking water that will favorably impact their health and well-being. 
  To our Employees:
To achieve the full strength of our team, we treat all employees with honesty, dignity and respect; provide safe working conditions and on-going programs to encourage safety, and foster open communications with all employees regardless of position for we believe that the power of Clean Water is in its people. 
Quality is our trademark. We have the passion to take extra care of the purified water you drink to ensure the quality of our customers’ health. Our commitment to quality is visible in every purified drinking water and service that we provide. The safety of our customers is our highest priority.
  Customer Service Excellence
Our most important asset and the lifeblood of our business are our customers. Only by satisfying them first do we have the reason to exist. Therefore, we go that extra mile of satisfying and delighting them; our customers become partners in our business. As partners they do more than buy from us; they will talk about Clean Water to their friends, families and business associates. 
Personal Excellence
We are also prepared to take on big challenges and pride ourselves in seeing them through. At the same time, we see failures as opportunities for growth.